Cable Failure? Garage Door Repair Services Can Help

Posted on: 4 April 2022

Your automated garage door comes with several moving parts that facilitate flawless operation; it's a mechanical system in which each component has a role to play. So, if one component malfunctions, the entire system is affected. One of the worst garage door components that can get damaged is the cables because they are the ones that support the fixture's massive weight. Continue reading to learn how garage door repair services can help with cable failure.

Establish Your Garage Door Cables' Mechanism

The springs your automated garage door has determine its cable system. If your garage door comes with an extension spring system, it will have retaining cables, and they run on a vertical orientation down each side of the garage door. The role of the cables is to keep the garage door from falling out of alignment. In fact, if your springs break, the cables will be able to keep the fixture from flying off.

Another spring system comprises torsion springs, which are attached to every corner of your garage door to establish balance during operation. As you can see, automated garage doors are not one fits all fixtures, and for you to repair them, it's crucial to understand their mechanism. Thankfully, handing over garage door repair to professionals saves you from having to know how your garage door works.

Determine the Cause of Damage

Once your garage door repair technician has established your fixture's working mechanism, they can proceed to determine the cause of damage. While wear and tear is the most common cause of cable failure, there could be other causes, and that's why the technician begins the repair process with a thorough fixture inspection.

Another plausible explanation for cable failure is corrosion, arising from continuous exposure to moisture. It could also be that the fixture is improperly aligned on its track, and the cables cannot keep it balanced. However, if the cable has snapped in two, this is severe damage, and the garage door shouldn't even be in use.

Repair the Damage

Based on your technician's findings, they'll recommend garage door re-alignment or cable replacement to restore your fixture to optimum operation. The garage door repair professional will also recommend preventative fixture servicing to keep the fixture in top condition over an extended period.

To be sure that your automated garage is in top condition, your technician will come to your home for routine fixture inspections. This way, they can identify and repair problematic components before the garage door refuses to open or close. They'll make sure to troubleshoot the fixture as well, so you don't miss telltale signs of an arising malfunction.

If you have questions about your garage door cables, contact a garage door repair technician.