Garage Doors With Windows: What You Should Know

Posted on: 5 August 2021

When selecting the style of your garage door, you have several options from which to choose. One style that's becoming quite popular in the recent past is a garage door with windows. Driving this popularity are two main benefits that come with having a window on your garage door. These advantages are as follows.

Added Natural Light

Natural light will flow into your garage space through the windows on your garage door. During the day, you'll be able to see everything in the garage, from your parked vehicle to supplies, without having to switch on the lights.

You can save greatly on energy as you won't need too much of it to light up your garage. Similarly, your garage space will feel a lot warmer with all that natural light flooding it. You'll spend less on heating up your garage, which is especially nice in winter.

Increased Aesthetic Appeal

Windows will stand out as a decorative element on your garage door. Get windows in a style that matches the ones in your front door, and you'll have a more attractive and coordinated look. This is, by far, more appealing than the traditional no-windows look.

In addition to saving energy, the natural light flooding your garage through the windows will also improve the overall appearance of your garage. Natural light will make any space feel bigger, and this is especially useful if you are using part of your garage as a gaming lounge or even a home office.

Why Not?

For all its advantages, having windows on your garage door comes with one main con. This is, of course, a privacy concern. Nosy neighbors and passers-by can easily look through the window.

The good news is there is an easy workaround you can explore. Instead of going for plain glass for your garage door windows, choose frosted or tinted glass. With this kind of glass, anyone outside your garage will not be able to see inside through the windows.

Done Right

If you are renovating your garage door and adding the windows, keep in mind that the extra weight of the windows will affect your door's lifting system. A qualified and experienced garage door specialist will be able to assess the implications of the new addition and adapt your entire door system accordingly.

Choose a great style for your garage door windows, have them professionally installed, and you can look forward to enjoying the outlined benefits.

For more information, contact a local business that offers garage door installation services.