What to Do If Your Automatic Garage Door Opener Is Not Working

Posted on: 28 March 2017

Having a garage door that is hooked up to an automatic opener is very convenient. Therefore, when you start to notice that the door is not working as it should, you will want to take action. This way, you can have the issue resolved before you find that the door is no longer able to be opened, unless you do it manually.

Check the Connections

Over time, wires that lead to the garage door opener can become disconnected or could become damaged from rodents. You will want to examine the wires and if you notice anything that looks out of the ordinary, you will want to call in a garage door specialist as soon as possible. They will be able to reconnect existing wires if they find that they are still in suitable shape. Otherwise, they can replace them.

Examine and Clean the Sensor

You will want to make sure that there is nothing blocking the sensor from being able to receive the signal from the door opener remote. In some cases, a thick layer of dirt, dust, or bird droppings can stop the signal from being received. Therefore, you will want to make sure that the sensor for the garage door opener is nice and clean. Find a lint-free cloth and use soapy water to clean the sensor. Dry the sensor off with another lint-free cloth. If that does not correct the problem, you may want to talk to a garage door specialist. He or she may need to replace the sensor with a new one. The existing wires should work for the new sensor, but you may be given new remotes for your vehicles..

Look for Obstructions

Sometimes, when you cannot get the automatic door opener to open the door, it is not the opener itself that is the problem. If there is a bent rail or something broken that is not lodged in a bad spot, the automatic opener will not be able to do its job. Once you resolve those issues, the garage door should be able to be opened again with ease.

Should you find that you are still not able to find the cause of the problem, contact a garage door repair company like Affordable Garage Door Repairs near you. The technician they send will be able to quickly diagnose the problem and have your garage door working properly in no time at all.