Birds & Garages: 4 Options to Stop Birds from Nesting, Perching & Other Annoying Habits

Posted on: 29 July 2016

The use of a garage door is primarily for parking cars and gaining access to the large open area. This idea is not often translated to the birds in your community. Birds can create all types of problems for different parts of the garage. If you plan on getting a new garage door and opener installed, then there are four specific features to look for to help deter bird problems. Each of these features will not only help with birds, but they can improve the performance of the garage as a whole.

Tinted Windows

Some birds see a window on your garage as an opening that they can fly and crash into. For many birds, the window isn't about just being clear, they often feature a reflective surface that can become confusing. For example, when the robin sees its reflection in a garage window, it thinks it's another robin trying to invade their territory. This will cause the robin to fly into the window or smash its beak on the glass. Instead of risking a window crack or breakage, you can opt for tinted garage door windows.

Tinted windows can reduce the glare and reflections that are seen from the outside. It can also make the window look more like a closed off location rather than an opening for birds to fly through. A garage door company can show you different shades and tinting options for the windows. Many times, you can select shades that match the colors and tones of your garage or home.

Easy Cleaning

As birds fly around your new garage door, one of the biggest pains can be bird poop that has plopped on it. Bird poop can cause paint and material damage that is hard to clean off. Instead of constantly battling with the droppings, you can select a garage door that is easy to clean. Garage doors with clear coat finishes have a protective layer over the original garage door material. When bird droppings appear on the door, it's easy to take a power washer and rinse the door off. The door can hold its original color for longer and look great when installed on your home.

Bottom Seal

If a garage door does not fully close, it can leave an open gap on the bottom. Small birds can easily access this gap and make their way inside of your garage. Help prevent this from occurring by purchasing a garage door with a large bottom seal. An industrial seal can close off all of the gaps and air from entering the garage door area. This can help prevent any birds from entering your garage while the door is closed. The bottom seal can also help with temperature control inside your garage. Cold or hot exterior air cannot make its way into the garage through the temperature seal.

Mesh Curtains

If you enjoy hanging out in the garage to work on projects or do other tasks, then you likely want to keep the garage left wide open. Instead of letting birds fly freely in and out of the garage, a garage door company can install a mesh curtain for the garage. A mesh curtain is essentially a big screen. It lets fresh air and natural light inside of the garage while preventing birds from flying in. The mesh curtain can be measured and fitted to your exact garage size to prevent any gaps from appearing in the garage opening. Not only can this help prevent birds from flying in, but it can help prevent birds from trying to nest inside of the garage.

By planning ahead, you can keep birds out of your garage and have a door area that looks great. Contact garage door companies like Raynor Door Company for pricing estimates and to see various products.